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Challenges and Uncertainties Ahead: A Look at the New Year for the Arab People. - AH 01 07 2023

Publish Date: Jan 07, 2023

The New Year is not expected to be much different for the Arab people than last year, it may even be worse given the many challenges and uncertainties they are likely to face. The new Israeli Government is perhaps the most extreme right wing and racist Israeli government ever elected. It is bent on imposing more restrictions on the occupied territories and could even trigger a regional war. The war in Ukraine has not abated, inflationary pressures remain unchecked, Covid is still with us and an expected world recession will combine to exact a heavy toll on the people of the region. Are there any bright spots? A Joint Program By Trans Arab Research Institute (TARI) And Arabic Hour Prof. Hani Faris Department of Political Science, University of British Columbia Dr. Atif Kubursi Professor Emeritus of Economics at McMaster University; President of Econometric Research. former Undersecretary of The UN. Dr. Georges Corm A Lebanese economist, and he served as minister of finance in the government of Salim Hoss from 1998 to 2000.