The Arabic Hour

AH 10 23 2021 I1

Publish Date: Oct 23, 2021

Throughout the Middle East, water shortages, asymmetries in political-military power and water control, consumption and demand interplay form a complex hydro politico-strategic web. The current allocation arrangements of the region's major rivers are nascent sources of tension, and potential sources of conflict and violence. The Middle East is one of the most water poor and water stressed regions of the globe. In today's program Dr. Atif Kubursi and Raji Saad will consider the causes and consequences of this water scarcity in the Fertile Crescent, the area of the Tigris and Euphrates and the Jordan river. Dr. Atif Kubursi Prof. Emeritus of Economics McMaster University Raji Saad researcher in the economics, and political affairs of the Levant and Mesopotamia