The Arabic Hour

Interview with Dr. Rania Masri discussing the on-going anti-government mass revolt in Lebanon

Publish Date: Nov 23, 2019

On today's program we welcome back, human rights activist, political ecologist, scholar and environmental scientist Rania Masri, to discuss the on-going anti-corruption anti-government mass revolt in Lebanon. Dr. Masri will be representing her non-sectarian opposition party Mouwatinoun wa Mouwatinat fi Dawla, مواطنون ومواطنات في دولة (Citizens in a State). Born in Lebanon, Rania Masri moved to the United States as a young girl in 1986. She holds a master’s degree in environmental management from Duke University, and a Ph.D. in forestry from North Carolina State University. Over the years, Masri has worked as an assistant professor of environmental science at the University of Balamand; she also has taught at the American University of Beirut. Her writings have centered on issues of ecological sustainability, environmental politics, and social movements. She has also written and organized extensively against the sanctions on Iraq and the occupation of Palestine, as well as civil and environmental rights. links: Web: www.mmfidawla.com Youtube: www.youtube.com/mmfidawla Twitter: @mmfidawla Facebook: @mmfidawla