The Arabic Hour

Interview with Ayman Nijim and Dr. Bill Slaughter focused on the Gaza Strip.

Publish Date: Oct 26, 2013

The Arabic Hour is pleased to present you with an informative program focused on the Gaza Strip today! With nearly 2 million Palestinians inhabiting it, 70% of whom are refugees, the Gaza Strip is just an astonishing 24 miles long. In the past, the living state within Gaza has been referred to as an "open air prison" and more. We will focus our discussions today on whether the circumstances within Gaza still warrant such labels. With focus on the Gaza Strip, Dr. Nancy Murray will be joining us for an interview with Ayman Nijim and Dr. Bill Slaughter in this episode. Mr. Nijim is from Gaza City, Palestine and the program coordinator of the Afaq Jadeeda Association in the Nusseirat Refugee Camp. Dr. Slaughter is a professor at Harvard Medical School and the current president of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation. We'd like to extend our thanks to our guests and interviewers for joining us in the discussion of an ever-pertinent topic.