The Arabic Hour

Nancy Murray interviews Nawal Slemiah and Laila Hasan

Publish Date: May 11, 2018

On today’s program Nancy Murray interviews Nawal Slemiah and her sister Laila Hasan. Nawal Slemiah is the founder and director of Women in Hebron cooperative. Laila Hasan runs the shop for the Women in Hebron cooperative. Women in Hebron is a Palestinian nonprofit fair trade cooperative under the Idna Cooperative Association for Embroidery and Handicrafts. Idna is a mid-sized Palestinian city of around 25,000 people, located to the southwest of Hebron in the West Bank. Women in Hebron is in of itself an act of community-strengthening, of honoring the role of women in Palestinian community in Hebron , and a means to show sumud – steadfastness – in the face of the occupation of Palestine and the harm it has done to the people of Hebron. www.womeninhebron.com