The Arabic Hour

Current Critical Issues In Lebanese Politics: A Joint Program by TARI and AH

Publish Date: Oct 01, 2022

Current Critical Issues In Lebanese Politics: A Joint Program By Trans Arab Research Institute (TARI) And Arabic Hour. Featuring: Dr. George Corm Dr. Hani Faris Dr. Atif Kubursi ( Chairperson) The Lebanese presidential elections. What if it does not happen. What are the implications for Lebanon and the region. The Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Beri has the Representatives to a Session on Thursday the 29th of September to elect the next President. This is in accordance with what the Constitution calls for. Worries are already expressed that a quorum may not be achieved, or the election may not result in selecting a President. The vacuum it will create will exacerbate an already complicated crisis. The economy is already in shambles and a crisis will lead to further depreciation of the currency and will escalate the rate of inflation. The choice the Lebanese face is stark, and the options and consequences are dire. Should Beri rescind the call for the session that could end up complicating the economic and security situation but would keep the constitutional process on track or should he cancel the call until a consensus candidate emerges? The discussion will focus on dealing with the aftermath that would follow each option. Taped on September 28, 2022 Prof. Hani Faris Department of Political Science University of British Columbia Dr. Atif Kubursi Professor Emeritus of Economics. President of Econometric Research. former Undersecretary of The United Nations. Dr. Georges Corm is a Lebanese economist, and he served as minister of finance in the government of Salim Hoss from 1998 to 2000.