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BeirutPortExplosion Consequences

Publish Date: Aug 07, 2021

The port explosion in Beirut is the largest non-nuclear explosion in modern times. Hundreds lost their lives, thousands were injured, 300,000 were made homeless and many lost their livelihoods. The responsible people have not been identified and nobody so far has been held accountable. Many rumors have sprung up but none so far has been verified. Coming on the heels of a viscous economic crisis, the COVID pandemic and political unrest it could be the blow that can break the camel's back. Two experts intimately familiar with the Lebanese political economy shed light on the possible consequences and who might be responsible for the tragedy. Waleed Akar, Professor of Economics Faculty of Business, Sagesse University-Lebanon Dr. Atif Kubursi. Dr. Kubursi is Professor Emeritus of Economics at McMaster University. He is also President of Econometric Research Limited. In 1982, he joined the United Nations Industrial Organization as Senior Development Officer. Since then he worked as a team leader of several UNIDO missions to Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, and Egypt. In 2006 he was appointed Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA).