The Arabic Hour


Publish Date: May 08, 2021

Syria’s devastating 10 years of war. Is the Syrian conflict a civil war? or is it a war ON Syria? Are we getting a one-sided view of the conflict from our US mainstream media? What is the reality in Syria? Our guest, Jeff Klein, will answer some of these questions and discuss further the situation, and the US involvement, in Syria. Mr. Klein is a retired machinist and local trade-union president active with the anti-war group Dorchester People for Peace. He is a board member of Massachusetts Peace Action and a leader of its Palestine-Israel Working Group, as well as statewide coordinator of the NEW DAY initiative to change US Policy on Israel Palestine. Since 2004 Jeff has traveled almost every year to Palestine/Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East, most recently including Syria in 2016 and 2018. Today’s program was co-sponsored with Massachusetts Peace Action (MAPA). Link: www.masspeaceaction.org MAPA statement on Syria: http://masspeaceaction.org/u-s-occupation-and-siege-impose-starvation-and-desperation-on-syrians/