The Arabic Hour

AH 08 22 2020

Publish Date: Aug 22, 2020

Aymen Rajeh interviews, long time civil rights activist, Dr. Nancy Murray. Topic: Addressing Racial Inequality in the US. Nancy Murray, who holds a BA from Harvard University, and a B.Phil. and Ph.D. in Modern History from Oxford University, has considerable experience as a teacher, scholar and social activist in Great Britain and Kenya as well as the United States. After teaching for seven years in the University of Nairobi, she then directed a nation-wide program to combat racism in the media at London's Institute of Race Relations. She remains a member of the editorial committee of the Institute's journal Race & Class. On returning to the United States, she spent the next 25 years as Director of Education at the ACLU of Massachusetts. Among the programs she initiated at the ACLU was a rolling classroom called Project HIP-HOP (Highways into the Past: History, Organizing and Power). Over an eight-year period she took high school students South and to South Africa to explore the history of the civil rights movement and struggle against apartheid, and the role young people have played in movements for racial justice. Her publications include Rights Matter: The Story of the Bill of Rights, and ‘Profiled: Arabs, Muslims, and the Post-9/11 Hunt for the 'Enemy Within', a chapter in the award-winning book edited by Elaine Hagopian, Civil Rights in Peril: The Targeting of Arabs and Muslims. For over 30 years she has been involved in struggles for Palestinian rights. She is the co-founder of several solidarity organizations and has made more than 20 trips to the occupied territories. Her book, Palestinians: Life Under Occupation was published in 1991. She currently works with the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine and serves as president of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation, Inc. which she co-founded with Elaine Hagopian in 2001.